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February 8, 2023

With Plan International Rwanda’s funds, Caritas Rwanda distributed various materials to 258 ECDs

To empower ECDs, Caritas Rwanda through the ECD Project funded by Plan International Rwanda, distributed various materials to 258 school and home-based ECDs from the Gatsibo, Nyaruguru and Bugesera districts. The distribution run from January 11 to January 13, 2023.

The Early Childhood Development (ECD) project, which is implemented by Caritas Rwanda, targets children enrolled in ECDs as well as parents by training them to nurture their children from conception to age 6, with the aim of awakening their brains, preparing them for school, giving them an equitable education, protecting them from disease and malnutrition, as well as from all kinds of violence.

The materials donated and distributed include cleaning materials, soap and toilet papers, drinking water containers, Sûr’eau for water treatment, cooking pots, buckets, mats, toys and games to stimulate the child’s brain.

In addition, ECDs received teaching materials, wall stickers with letters, numbers, words in other languages and pictures, which will be used to teach the children. As food supplements, they were provided with sugar and porridge flour (known as SOSOMA).

The ECDs caregivers s were called upon to take care of the provided materials

The messages delivered by the local authorities during the distribution ceremonies in the 3 project intervention districts focused on protecting the materials distributed by not abusing the trust that other parents have in them.

During the distribution ceremony in Nyaruguru district (January 12) Murwanashyaka Emmanuel, Mayor of this District, thanked Plan International Rwanda and Caritas Rwanda for these donations. He asked the home-based ECDs’ responsible to manage and make good use of the materials they received for the proper development of young children, with the aim of building a competent and safe family.

Murwanashyaka Emmanuel, the Mayor of Nyaruguru District,, distributing the ECD materials to one of family-based ECD responsibles.

Among other activities, the ECD Project has already begun training home and school-based ECD caregivers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to accompany young children. The training will continue during the month of January in the areas where the ECD Project operates (Gatsibo, Nyaruguru and Bugesera districts).

The ECD Project also screened children by recording antropometric measurements (weight-height curve) in schools and home-based EDCs (Gatsibo, Nyaruguru and Bugesera districts). According to the measurements in all the intervention districts, there were no cases of malnutrition. The local authorities urged parents and caregivers to continue in this good direction, for the good growth of children.

The ECDs that have received these materials are home, school and community-based. There are 50 in Gatsibo district, 188 in Nyaruguru district and 20 in Bugesera district. They make a total of 258 ECDs.