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May 15, 2023

Semi-annual review meeting of Igire-Gimbuka Program

Caritas Rwanda’s Igire-Gimbuka Program had a semi-annual review meeting at Centre d’Accueil Mère du Verbe-Huye from 10th to 12th May 2023. This meeting aimed to evaluate the implementation progress, identify gaps and challenges, and find solutions together while examining the plan for the next months.

During this meeting, the participants reviewed together the implementation progress of the recommendations taken in the orientation meeting of 3rd to 7th October 2022, and concluded that they were implemented with success, except some remaining points to be finalized.

Among the new recommendations, there is practicing an effective communication between the Program staff, their supervisors but also the various partners. In his speech at the closing of the meeting, the Secretary General of Caritas Rwanda, Father Oscar Kagimbura, emphasize on the effective communication, encouraging the staff to have kind collaboration with the Catholic dioceses and parishes, keeping inform the priests on the different activities of the program. “Inform them, invite, and engage them in the different activities, and they will give you support for the smooth running of the program activities. This way, the work will be easy by joining forces”, he said.

Father Oscar Kagimbura also called on the Igire-Gimbuka staff to contribute to the promotion of the Caritas Rwanda’s good image by performing the assigned tasks as required, and having good relations with partners, especially the donors. As he explained, by performing well in their job, the donor will appreciate the work done and prioritize the organization if there is another opportunity. He also reminded them that Caritas means love and that they should show love in everything they do.

As part of the good cooperation, on Thursday 11th May 2023, Caritas Rwanda had a friendly football match with Caritas of Butare Diocese, where Caritas Rwanda scored 5 goals against 1 from Caritas of Butare Diocese.

The Caritas Rwanda team (in blue) and the Butare Diocese Caritas’ team (yellow).