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  • La Caritas « Un pilier de leur survie » The savings and lending groups allowed them to clear their debts. 2020-11-02 / / Social / 0 comments

    Single women head of households in 122 savings and credit groups run by Caritas Rwanda in Mahama camp said that if it was not for these groups, they would not be able to care for their families.

  • The members of the executive committee were briefed on the project's achievements OUTSTANDING RESULTS BY “NGIRA NKUGIRE’’ PROJECT 2020-10-20 / / Development / 0 comments

    Ngira Nkugire, an eco-friendly project is being implemented by Caritas Nyundo/Kibuye under the coordination of Caritas Rwanda since January 1st 2018 till November 10th 2020, and local partners not only are grateful for the financial support by the Government of Slovenia and Caritas Slovenia but also happy of the project achievements.

  • smallholder farmers play a critical role to build resilient food systems Celebration of the World Food Day 2020 2020-10-20 / / Development / 0 comments

    The World’s Food Day 75th anniversary celebration on 16th October 2020 coincides with the Global COVID-19 Pandemic caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS CoV 2). The FAO message at the occasion reads: grow, Nourish and Sustain Together. Since the pandemic outbreak in Rwanda on 14th March 2020, the government of Rwanda has put in place preventive measures including the total lockdown which was partially lifted as early as May, 2020.

  • Gimbuka Launch Caritas Rwanda/USAID Gimbuka project launch 2020-10-14 / / Social / 0 comments

    USAID Gimbuka, is a USAID funded project implemented by Caritas Rwanda under USAID-Caritas Rwanda Cooperative Agreement since 2012. The project is undergoing its third phase (2020-2022), covering RUBAVU, RUTSIRO, KARONGI, NYAMASHEKE and RUSIZI districts, with a particular focus on either OVC infected and affected by HIV/AIDS or victims of S/GBV.

  • La Caritas Un pilier de leur survie 106th World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2020-09-28 / / Social / 0 comments

    Sunday, September 27, 2020 is the 106th World Day of Migrants and Refugees (WDMR), as the title for his annual message, the Holy Father Pope Francis has chosen; “Forced like Jesus Christ to flee”, based on what happened to Jesus Christ who was displaced and fled with his parents.

  • La Caritas et la minisante Caritas Rwanda donated COVID 19 prevention materials to the Ministry of Health 2020-09-24 / / Health / 0 comments

    The Catholic Church, through Caritas Rwanda, provided the Ministry of Health with various equipment that will be used to prevent COVID-19 and to help patients suffering from respiratory problems.

  • Ruhangp phase out The "GIMBUKA" project closed its activities in 7 districts 2020-09-22 / / Development / 0 comments

    Gimbuka is a USAID-funded project implemented by Caritas Rwanda, its main objectives in eleven districts between 2012-2020 was to improve the nutritional status, to strengthen the wellbeing of orphans and other vulnerable children and their families and to empower Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) to prevent new infection to HIV/AIDS and Sexual Gender Based Violence through DREAMS initiative.

  • Medical support to special cases “Her family thought she could never stand on her legs” 2020-09-10 / / Social / 0 comments

    Sandrine Uwase, a young girl from Rwamagana district, Gishari Sector, was born with mental and physical disability and could neither walk nor stand up, but now, with the help of Gahini Hospital through the Caritas Rwanda/USAID Gimbuka project, there is hope that she will be able to walk in the near future.

  • Gikuriro phase out What story would the “GIKURIRO” project have left behind? 2020-09-09 / / Development / 0 comments

    The Gikuriro program was a five-year Integrated Nutrition and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) activity funded by USAID Rwanda, from October 2016 to July 2020. “Gikuriro” is a Kinyarwanda word that refers to good growth relative to height for age.

  • vocational training courses were given to young people Young people in Rwamagana, Gicumbi and Kamonyi districts are grateful for the knowledge they have acquired 2020-07-20 / / Education / 0 comments

    Through the USAID-funded GIMBUKA project, which is being implemented by Caritas Rwanda in collaboration with the authorities of Rwamagana, Gicumbi and Kamonyi districts, vocational training courses have been provided to young people.

  •        The fight against malnutrition cannot be carried out without hygiene The fight against malnutrition cannot be carried out without hygiene 2020-07-09 / / Health / 0 comments

    Some residents of different sectors in Nyabihu and Ruhango districts are thankful and overjoyed with the access to clean water, after over 30 years fetching water from streams.

  • La Caritas Un pilier de leur survie Disaster victims appreciate the help they have received 2020-07-04 / / Social / 0 comments

    In collaboration with Trocaire, OXFAM, Caritas Rwanda and the organization DUHAMIC-ADRI, they helped disaster victims by providing building materials, sanitation equipment and messages urging them to fight the global COVID-19 pandemic.  This is a 45-day project funded by START FUND.

  • La Caritas « Un pilier de leur survie » Caritas Rwanda: Improving nutrition is Improving lives 2020-06-03 / / Social / 0 comments

    Through Voice for Change (V4CP), Caritas Rwanda in partnership with SNV, a Netherland Organization, since 2017 advocates for vulnerable families to increase access to nutritious and diverse foods to eliminate malnutrition.

    In Rutsiro District, officials and partners have joined Caritas Rwanda voice to helping families with malnutrition problems, improving their lives by teaching them how to prepare healthy meals and also how to save money from small savings in other to be able to take care of their lives.

  • caritas helping ni COVID-19 times Caritas Rwanda is not left behind in fighting the COVID-19 2020-06-03 / / Social / 0 comments

    As the rest of the world, Rwanda is also facing the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. Caritas Rwanda has not fold one's arms in front of the problem, it is now participating by helping the government containing the virus by spreading media messages, giving food to vulnerable families facing economic consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.

  • ICASA 2019 Kigali ICASA2019: Caritas Showcases Religious Approach Among HIV communities 2020-01-20 / / Health / 0 comments

    Thanks to the precious financial support of Caritas Korea, Caritas Internationalis (CI) was able to showcase workable models in which religious leaders play a key role in advancing case-finding and  early treatment for children living with HIV.

    The presentations were made by Caritas leaders from Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Nigeria in occasion of the 20th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA), held in Kigali, Rwanda, on December 2-7, 2019.

  • Internal Savings and Lending Group Small loans for business activities changed lives of Internal Savings and Lending Group members 2019-12-04 / / Development / 1 comment

    The savings groups created and formed by Caritas Rwanda through the USAID funded Gimbuka program are now a source of income and the families of its members benefit from these results 



    Caritas Rwanda/ Gikuriro Program is an integrated nutrition and WASH program for five years (2015-2020), a USAID Program awarded to Catholic Relief Services in consortium with the Netherlands Development Organization, SNV. Caritas Rwanda implements in two districts, Nyabihu in west province and Ruhango in south province.