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March 8, 2022

Caritas Rwanda celebrates the International Women’s Day 2022

Caritas Rwanda celebrates the International Women’s Day 2022

Caritas Rwanda Joined the whole World in celebrating the International Women’s Day 2022. Organised by all Caritas Rwanda male staff, the event took place on March 8th, 2022 at our head office in Kiyovu and aimed at celebrating Caritas Rwanda Women and recognizing their immense contribution to the organisation’s mission.

International Women’s Day at Caritas kicked off with breakfast sharing, served by male staff to their sisters and was followed by a picture session. This day, which held lots more surprises, went on as usual, as everyone went back to their respective offices. 

Lunch time marked the official event celebration. As Caritas Rwanda women gathered into our main hall, their brothers surprised them with a glorious entrance, with each one carrying a rose that was given to each of the Caritas Rwanda women.

In her speech, Mrs. Therese Nduwamungu, who represented Caritas Rwanda Women appreciated the effort invested by their brothers, to celebrate them. ‘’You did your best to make us happy today. We are very grateful. May we all keep this Caritas spirit of love and brotherhood’’, he said. 

Sister Gaudiose Nyiraneza, who was celebrating her Patron Saint on that day, had offered support to male staff to organise the event as well. In her speech, she recognized the love and passion which the event’s organisers had demonstrated.

Mrs. Bellancille MUKAMUSIGALI, Head of Human Resources expressed her appreciation to the event organisers and encouraged such unity and team work spirit among all Caritas Rwanda staff. She said: ‘’Love and unity have always been some of Caritas Rwanda pillars. From management to the rest of the staff, we are known for being a united team’’.

The event was followed by lunch sharing, which was led by Caritas Rwanda male staff, who, once again served their sisters. Caritas Rwanda Women wore made-in-Rwanda kitenge outfits, while their brothers had put on suits and african shirts, which made the event even more colourful. 

Concluding the event, Mr. Prosper Sebagenzi, Head of Programmes,who was also representing the administration emphasised on the contribution of Caritas Rwanda women to the organisation’s growth and development. ‘’Caritas Rwanda is very lucky to have you all. We appreciate the love and passion that you portray, from your families to work, which aligns to Caritas’ values of love and unity’’

 “Women make the world beautiful, they protect it and keep it alive.”  “They bring the grace of renewal, the embrace of inclusion, and the courage to give of oneself,” Said Pope Francis, stressing the “irreplaceable contribution of women in building a world that can be a home for all,” through their efforts toward peace and love. Caritas Rwanda values and recognizes women as the pillars of the family and firmly believes that women should be loved, protected and empowered.