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March 4, 2024

After graduating from TVET schools, 142 OVCs received the start-up kits

142 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) from Karongi and Nyamasheke districts supported by the PEPFAR/USAID funded Igire-Gimbuka Program have received, on 28th and 29th April 2024, the start-up kits from this program implemented by Caritas Rwanda. These OVC have recently graduated from TVET schools in Automotive Engine Technology, Bricks and Stone Masonry, Domestic Electricity, Fitting and Welding, Hair Dressing and Tailoring.

The startup kits were distributed to enable them to create their own businesses. 70 OVCs come from Nyamasheke District while the other 72 come from Karongi District.  After accomplishing a 6-month Technical and Vocational training and education in various domains, they also accomplished a 3-month internship.

In the startup kits handling ceremony held on 28th April 2024 in Nyamasheke District, Charles Dusabimana, the Private Sector Federation (PSF) representative in Nyamasheke District, told this youth that they have many opportunities to work as businessmen/women after getting the equipment, encouraging them to participate in many trainings provided by PSF and ask for advice (to PSF) whenever they need it.

Distribution of startup kits in Nyamasheke.

As for the Vice Mayor of Nyamasheke District in charge of social affairs, Mrs. Athanasie Mukankusi, she advised these young people to take care of the received startup kits, reminding them that it is an opportunity for them to improve themselves economically. She thanked Caritas Rwanda through the Igire-Gimbuka Program, for helping this youth get out extreme poverty.

Distribution of the startup kits by Mrs. Athanasie Mukankusi, the Vice Mayor in charge of social affairs and Vedaste Rutayisire, the Igire-Gimbuka program coordinator in Nyamasheke District.

The following table illustrates the vocational trainings and the relative number of OVCs by district:




Grand total
Female Male Total Female Male Total
Automotive Engine Technology

8 8 3 12 15


Bricks and Stone Masonry

2 2 1 1


Domestic Electricity

1 1


Fitting and Welding

5 5 9 15 24


Hair Dressing






1 53 30 1 31


Grand total


16 70 42 30 72