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April 25, 2024

Caritas Rwanda, RBC and other partners organized an anti-malaria campaign during the last car free day

In the preparations for World Malaria Day 2024 to be celebrated on 25th April 2024, Caritas Rwanda together with the Rwanda Biomedical Center, Rwanda Ministry of Health, Kigali City, USAID Rwanda and Global Fund, organized an awareness campaign against Malaria on Sunday 21st April 2024, at Tapis Ruge Nyamirambo during the last Car Free Day.

Organized under the theme “Zero Malaria starts with me”, this campaign was also an occasion for the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) voluntary screening. The message was delivered through physical exercises, speeches, songs and questions where successful participants received t-shirts with anti-malaria message as awards.

This campaign was also an occasion for the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) voluntary screening.

As different speakers highlighted in their speeches, Rwanda has successfully reduced Malaria cases by 90%. However, the complete eradication of Malaria requires the collective effort of everyone.

In his speech, Father Oscar Kagimbura, the Secretary General of Caritas Rwanda reminded all the participants that there is a common expression within Catholic Church and Caritas Rwanda which is says that “A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”. He called on everyone to join the fight against Malaria by sleeping in long lasting insecticide-treated nets (known as supernets), eliminating stagnant water sources and removing ponds and bushes around the house where mosquitoes breed, and getting seeking medical attention promptly upon experiencing any symptoms.

Father Oscar Kagimbura, Secretary General of Caritas Rwanda, addressing the participants.

From 21st to 27th April 2024, Kigali is hosting the 8th Pan-African Malaria Conference, at Radisson Blu Hotel Kigali. Platini Nemeye known as Platini P. was the featured artist of the day.

Platini P was the artist of the day.