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March 11, 2022

Caritas Rwanda General Staff Meeting 2022

Caritas Rwanda General Staff Meeting 2022

On March 11th, 2022, Caritas Rwanda held its annual staff meeting and get-together at Centre Missionnaire d’Afrique (CMA) located in Nyarugenge district. In the beginning of each year, this meeting serves as an opportunity for all Caritas Rwanda staff to come together, share experience, learn from each other and celebrate their achievements.

Arrival at the venue was set to be at 8:30 AM and all participants were tested for Covid-19 prior to entering the Chapel, which was going to host the next activity: A recollection, led by Father Jean Marie Vianney Twagirayezu, Secretary General of Caritas Rwanda.In his sermon, Father Twagirayezu reminded the staff of core values of a Christian, as related to Caritas Rwanda’s values. ‘’May love and compassion follow you and mark your lives from the office to your homes and in your respective families’’. Father Twagirayezu said. The recollection was followed by a brief moment of meditation in and around the Chapel.

Staff meeting started at around 11 AM and was opened Mrs. Bellancille Mukamusigali, Head of Human Resources, who welcomed all staff and shared the day’s program to the audience. Mrs. Mukamusigali appreciated participants’ attendance, especially staff that work from Caritas Rwanda field offices and proceeded with inviting Mrs. Pauline Kayitare, Head of Finance and Administration, who appreciated the existing good collaboration that exists between Caritas Rwanda departments, projects and staff in general. 

Mrs. Kayitare reminded the staff of the code of conduct, as well as key responsibilities and deadlines, related to administrative procedures within the organisation and invited Fr. Yves Sewadata, Deputy Secretary General of Caritas Rwanda, and Head of the OSC departement. In his speech, Father Sewadata reminded the audience of what the OSC department does, and presented the team under his department, after which, he invited Father Twagirayezu, Secretary General, for a speech.

In his remarks, Father Twagirayezu appreciated the hardwork and commitment that Caritas Rwanda staff portray, which have borne great fruits, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. He also encouraged the spirit of resilience that has, and continues to mark Caritas Rwanda staff. Father Twagirayezu reassured the audience of Caritas Rwanda full support towards all staff work to help Caritas Rwanda achieve its mission.

This meeting was also an opportunity for Caritas Rwanda heads of department and project coordinators to present their team members, who had come from all across the Country to attend this event. The heads of department also gave brief descriptions of what their departments/projects do, challenges and achievements of the past year.

In his speech, Mr. Prosper Sebagenzi, Head of Programs at Caritas Rwanda appreciated the overall work performance of all staff and encouraged the existing teamwork and collaboration spirit at Caritas Rwanda. Mrs. Therese Nduwamungu, Head of the Emergency Department/PAC Project who spoke in the name of all the staff appreciated the leadership’s effort to support the work of all Caritas Rwanda staff. Mrs. Nduwamungu also reminded the audience of the safeguarding policy at Caritas Rwanda, especially for field officers.

A group picture session marked the end of the meeting, after which, a reception and get-together followed.