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The youth of the diocese of Nyundo / Gisenyi are ready to volunteer

La Caritas « Un pilier de leur survie »

The RECHANGE project (Capacity Building in Humanitarian Actions and Volunteer Management in Francophone Africa) implemented by 7 national Caritas, including Caritas Rwanda, celebrated the International Volunteer Day with the young volunteers of the Diocese of Nyundo /Gisenyi.

This day which is normally celebrated on December 5th of each year in the diocese of Nyundo Gisenyi was celebrated on 11/12/2020 and at the same time the young volunteers trained by the RECHANGE project received their certificates.

In the diocese of Nyundo / Gisenyi, young people from different parishes have decided to join the church in the Caritas mission to help the most vulnerable, since they think this work should not be left to the older people while the young people have more strength to help people.

Father Evariste UWINTWALI, youth chaplain in the diocese of Nyundo/Gisenyi, says that volunteering needs everyone, especially young people since they are physically stronger and will also be able to raise awareness for volunteering among other young people.

Niyomwungeri Theogene from Stella Marisi parish is 25 years old and is a volunteer at Caritas Nyundo / Gisenyi. He says the reason he is determined to be a volunteer is that the area he lives in is often hit by disasters, and when there is such a problem the people need help.

"We, young people are the strength of the church, even if our first desire is to look for work that gives us money, we also do not forget that volunteering is our duty as young Christians. And my region, which is often the subject of disasters, needs me. This is why I am determined to be a volunteer," Theogene said.

Ufitinema receiving her certificate; young, strong and ready to help people in need
Ufitinema receiving her certificate; young, strong and ready to help people in need

Ufitinema Clarisse, a 20-year-old young woman from Nyundo parish, says she was touched by Caritas' mission to help the most vulnerable, because it is based on Love as the name CARITAS means. So, she found that the only way to show this love is to help others.

"In my environment there are many people, including young people of my age, who need help, and for me there is no better way to show love than to help all these people as much as I can. That's why I joined the volunteer program," says Clarisse.

Father Jean Paul RUTAKISHA, Director of Caritas in the Diocese of NYUNDO / Gisenyi, congratulates the young people, encourages them to take their commitments seriously, and to remember that in this mission, they are not alone. Whenever they need help and training, Caritas Rwanda in collaboration with the diocesan Caritas will be there for them.



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