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They are happy to go back to school

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Orphans and children from vulnerable families supported by the USAID Gimbuka project, funded by USAID and implemented by Caritas Rwanda, are delighted to have access to school materials that will enable them to better return to school.

The third phase (2020-2022) of the USAID Gimbuka project, which operates in the districts of RUBAVU, RUTSIRO, KARONGI, NYAMASHEKE and RUSIZI, with a particular focus on either OVC infected and affected by HIV/AIDS or victims of S/GBV.

According to the project, the sponsored students receive school materials and those who could not continue their studies have the opportunity to receive Technical vocational trainings.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, families have been hit by severe poverty and some children have dropped out of school.

Students are given school materials
Students are given school materials 

Seraphine Ntahorijya, a mother of five in Karongi district, has a child supported by Caritas Rwanda /USAID Gimbuka, she was happy to receive her child's materials, and affirmed that if her child didn't have the chance to be supported, she wouldn't return to school.

"Children are dropping out of school because of families’ poverty in this area, it is a privilege for me to have this support, so I am very grateful to Caritas because my child will not miss school," she said.

The students' supplies include bags, notebooks, pens and hygiene items for the high school students.

In addition to school supplies, the USAID/Gimbuka project help children who have not been able to continue their education, with Technical vocational trainings in different schools, that lead to employment.

Ingabire Dominique, principal of IPRC Karongi School, which has welcomed 115 students supported by USAID/Gimbuka, said that they are happy with their partnership with Caritas Rwanda, because the children are monitored and when there is a problem, they seek solutions together for the betterment of these students.

" Through this USAID / Gimbuka, project, we work well together with Caritas Rwanda, we often see them because they follow up on sponsored children and this is important because the children are ours" she said.

Caritas Rwanda Program Director Prosper Sebagenzi, during his visit to the sponsored children of the IPRC Karongi project on 4/15/2021, reminded them that the opportunities they have been given should not be wasted, that they have to work hard and get the skills that will give them jobs to help themselves and their families

Mugisha Alexandre, one of the welding students, says his goal is to graduate from this school with the skills to get a job to help his family out of poverty.

These students will graduate in one year, but the USAID/Gimbuka project also plans to support them with short-term internships, which will allow them to enter the job market with all skills needed.

Caritas Rwanda Program Director Prosper Sebagenzi talking to IPRC students
Caritas Rwanda Program Director Prosper Sebagenzi talking to IPRC students


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