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It is always important to remind Caritas staff of its history and mission

La Caritas « Un pilier de leur survie »

To recall the foundations of Caritas, the Caritas spirit and to reaffirm the good relationship between Caritas Rwanda and the diocesan Caritas, the department of social welfare from Caritas Rwanda visited all the diocesan Caritas to discuss and exchange views.

The Deputy Secretary General of Caritas Rwanda, Father Yves SEWADATA and the person in charge of animation activities, Sister Gaudiose NYIRANEZA, spoke to the staff about the history of Caritas in general, the origins of Caritas Rwanda and its mission.

The participants from the four departments of the diocesan Caritas (Administration and Finance, Social Welfare, Health and Development) were delighted to re-examine this history and the real objectives of Caritas where they testify that it was like a revitalization to do their work well.

Father NGOBOKA Theogene, director of Caritas in the diocese of Cyangugu, said that sometimes people who work in Caritas do not really know its history, even though it is the basis of their work, but when there is a reminder like this, it helps them gain new knowledge.

"It's a good reminder! It doesn't mean we've forgotten our work at all, but it's always good to remember that the poor are our priority, that they are ours and that they have a right to a good life. And this is where we have to put our strength, to try to give them back their dignity". Said Father Ngoboka

Caritas Cyangugu staff
Caritas Cyangugu staff

For Father Jean Marie Vianney DUSHIMIYIMANA, director of Caritas in the diocese of Byumba, no one can do the mission of Caritas without understanding what it really is.  "We need to understand our mission to be able to carry it out and to be able to sensitize our volunteers, so this reminder is very important and I hope it will be done as often as possible," he says.

As part of its mission, Caritas needs volunteers to be able to help its beneficiaries, and what is common to all diocesan Caritas; is that the number of volunteers is decreasing, as they are mainly elderly and most of them are tired.

Caritas Gikongoro staff noted that this problem of few and old volunteers has had a significant impact on their work, especially in the area of outreach.

They say that today it is not easy to make people understand and encourage them to join an unpaid mission. One of the solutions that was most discussed to solve this problem; is to conduct a thorough and continuous campaign, but it was also suggested that if there are financial means, regardless of their size, they can be used.

It was also recalled that the close collaboration between Caritas Rwanda and the diocesan Caritas can be one of the strong points of the campaign.

Caritas Nyundo/Kibuye staff
Caritas Nyundo/Kibuye staff

Father Laurent SAFARI, Director of Caritas Nyundo/Kibuye, said, "When we visit our beneficiaries and see that we are not alone but rather with our big sister Caritas Rwanda, it gives them strength. If this partnership intensifies and we work more together, it will make a difference. "

Regarding the promotion of Caritas activities, an exchange took place on the different ways to promote them through the medias of the Catholic Church, as well as the use of social media as one of the most used methods today.

All the directors and staff of the diocesan Caritas were satisfied with the discussions and emphasized that there would be improvements in their work, but also that the good relationship between Caritas Rwanda and the diocesan Caritas would also improve the quality of their work through the sharing and regular exchange of information.

Caritas Nyundo/Gisenyi staff
Caritas Nyundo/Gisenyi staff
Caritas Byumba staff
Caritas Byumba staff


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