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Young people in Rwamagana, Gicumbi and Kamonyi districts are grateful for the knowledge they have acquired

vocational training courses were given to young people

Through the USAID-funded GIMBUKA project, which is being implemented by Caritas Rwanda in collaboration with the authorities of Rwamagana, Gicumbi and Kamonyi districts, vocational training courses have been provided to young people.

The USAID / GIMBUKA project, which has trained more than 700 young people in 3 districts, Rwamagana, Gicumbi and Kamonyi, has also provided them with working materials, which will help them create jobs and improve their lives.

They received some of the work materials
They received some of the work materials 

The program selects orphans from very poor families and those at higher risk of HIV infection.

After taking courses in various fields, including sewing, construction, carpentry, welding, cooking and hair-weaving, these boys and girls testify that their lives are on the verge of changing, developing and helping their families.

Cynthia Mukashema, who learned to sew with the help of Caritas Rwanda, says she started sewing, so she no longer worried about what to eat or what to wear.

"It's not easy to get people to trust you with their clothes, but it's a good step that I started earning some money right after I graduated! It gives me hope that in the coming days I will be able to get more and support myself and my family".

These students not only received vocational training courses, they were also trained in reproductive health and, upon graduation, they received some of the work materials that will help them enter the job market. That will help them a lot because they have a start.

Alexis Rudacogora, who was trained in construction, is very grateful for the training he received and the materials he received, which proves that it is a great support because he himself could not afford the materials.

"I am very grateful to Caritas Rwanda for helping us through USAID / GIMBUKA to get training and materials to help you in your work.

What the district administration is asking these young people is not to waste the chance they have.

Christine Mukankusi, an employee of Rwamagana district, said: "We are very grateful to our partner Caritas Rwanda, their cooperation is very important, because from the lessons given to these young people, they helped us build a life. That is why we urge these young people not to waste this opportunity, to work for themselves and for the betterment of others".

These young people were trained for a period of one year, grouped according to their professional skills, and received equipment for each group that was also linked to their careers. They were officially graduated in June of this year 2020.

They officially graduated in June of this year 2020
They officially graduated in June of this year 2020


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