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The members of the executive committee were briefed on the project's achievements

Ngira Nkugire, an eco-friendly project is being implemented by Caritas Nyundo/Kibuye under the coordination of Caritas Rwanda since January 1st 2018 till November 10th 2020, and local partners not only are grateful for the financial support by the Government of Slovenia and Caritas Slovenia but also happy of the project achievements.

The project team presented the project achievements to the Steering Committee members (KARONGI district, MUTUNTU and GASHARI sectors Executive Secretaries, BIRAMBO and MUKUNGU Parishes Priests, Soeur de la Charité MUKUNGU representative, the Secretary General of Caritas Rwanda and Director of Caritas Nyundo/Kibuye), who expressed their satisfaction and were impressed by its high level of value of money (with less than €350, beneficiaries have improved their economy and social wellbeing). The project used the approach of community-led groups (37 groups) throughout all activities implementation and reached out not only to 600 direct beneficiaries in both MUTUNTU and GASHARI sectors but also to 5,102 members of the community with campaign on eco-friendly practices (use of solar energy for lighting, improved stoves, agro-forestry trees plantation, agro ecological practices etc).

Beneficiaries self-report having reduced significantly the forest cut down for firewood and green gas emissions thanks to the solar lamp system and improved stoves installed to their homes. Young adolescent girls (120) trained and refreshed on improved stove manufacturing and installation remain available human resources that sectors can leverage for sustainability and scale.

The members of the executive committee were briefed on the project's achievements
Members of Steering Committee taking a photo after the meeting

So far, their economy has improved where all 600 beneficiaries have become smart in financial management through saving and lending groups education and MFI linkages.  During the project period, beneficiaries raised up to Frw30,978,710 (including the project grant up to Frw9,500,000), invested in the income generating activities (IGA) in areas of animal rearing, agricultural products selling, running shops, tailoring, MTN airtime service ‘’Me-To-You’’etc. As early as September 2018, NYIRABIZIMANA Epiphanie started a small shop worth Frw120,000 (Frw70,000 from her saving group) but now it has grown up to Frw2,000,000 and she gets a monthly net profit of Frw80,000. Other members in the business report having different monthly net profit from Frw20,000 up to Frw80,000 which is an outstanding improvement given they started from nothing.

All animals distributed since the project started at least doubled: beneficiaries have 1,311 goats from 597 distributed and 19 pigs from 3 distributed. The project contributed a lot to the soil management through bio-intensive agriculture, agro ecological farming education and 5.4 hectares (GASHARI) have been terraces and enriched (erosion reduction and increased production etc). The project provided beneficiaries with 5 soil bricks compress machines for compressed brick preparation which are eco-friendly (no need to cooked/burn with firewood).

In their respective remarks, Caritas Rwanda Secretary General, KARONGI District Council Specialist and GASHARI Executive Secretary expressed their satisfaction and commitment to the sustainability of NGIRA NKUGIRE achievements. They commended the Government of Slovenia and Caritas Slovenia support and have guaranteed continuing support, should they have another development program for the district.



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