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Covid-19 prevention equipment donated by Caritas Rwanda to health centers is a vital aid

La Caritas « Un pilier de leur survie »

The leaders of the 109 health centers of the Catholic Church are grateful for the support of the protective equipment against Covid-19 provided by Caritas Rwanda, which is a gift from Caritas Internationalis.

In order to continue to support Rwandans in this difficult time to fight against Covid-19, Caritas Rwanda, is trying to find support, whether it is related to prevention or nutritional support for the poorest families.

The material provided to the directors of these health centers is composed of soaps, hands wash stations (kandagira ukarabe), a router used for internet, etc. As for food, it includes maize flour, beans and milk.

Sister Utamuriza Faina, director of the Mugombwa health center in Gisagara district, said, "We are grateful to Caritas Rwanda for thinking of us and providing these essential materials today. Many come to us and it is necessary to wash their hands before going to the service they need.

Sister Faina says that at the health center he runs, there is already a wash hand station at the entrance, but it was not enough for the entire health center. The material that is given to them will help to improve hygiene and to respect the methods of prevention against Covid. -19.

Butare diocesan health centers receiving protection materials
Butare diocesan health centers receiving protection materials 

She said that since Covid first appeared in Rwanda, 33 patients have been tested positive at Mugombwa health center in different months, and all have been treated and are recovering well.

Barahira Felix, the treasurer of Matyazo health center in Huye district, said that the equipment received from Caritas Rwanda will be of great help: "For example, we can put this hands wash station in front of our maternity ward, which will help those who come there to wash before entering even if they would have washed before entering the health center, which helps to improve hygiene especially as patients can make rounds in different departments of the health center.

He said the Matyazo health center had had about 50 patients from Covid-19, but that they had been treated and recovered well, and that those who nhad to be vaccinated had their vaccines.

Sister Marie Leonille Mwitirehe, director of the Cyanika Health Center in the diocese of Gikongoro, said that they are often confronted with the mentality of the population who do not give importance to hygiene and prevention of COVID-19 in particular, but in collaboration with the Health Department at Caritas, the population is sensitized and follow-ups are always done.

She also said that the equipment they were given will help them increase their efforts to prevent COVID-19 because all incoming people will be able to clean themselves before receiving services without difficulty.

The directors of the diocesan Caritas of Butare and Gikongoro, thanked Caritas Rwanda for being close to them and for supporting them in their common mission of caring for vulnerable people and contributing to their development.

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