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La Caritas « Un pilier de leur survie »

“Alleviating Poverty of Vulnerable Refugees and Host Community Members through Sustainable Livelihoods and Self-Reliance Following Graduation Approach” project

Partnership agreements

Caritas Africa has signed partnership agreements with Caritas Italiana and La Banca Popolare Etica d'Italia for the project entitled; Support for the promotion of ethical finance through capacity building of microf


Caritas Africa and 9 national Caritas members, Caritas Italiana, the Italian Bishops' Conference and the Banca popolare Etica of Italy participated in the 5th edition of the African Microfinance Week (AMW), SAM (in French) , w

La Caritas « Un pilier de leur survie »

Tube Aheza, Amazi hafi a project co-financed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of

Now they can cultivate anytime even in the dry season

Thanks to the funding from various partners including but not limited to Slovenia, Belgium and Rwanda governments, Caritas Slovenia, Caritas International Belgium, Caritas Austria etc, Caritas Rwanda network has ca

The members of the executive committee were briefed on the project's achievements

Ngira Nkugire, an eco-friendly project is being implemented by Caritas Nyundo/Kibuye under the coordination of Caritas Rwanda since January 1st 2018 till November 10th 2020, and local partners not only are grateful for the financial support by the Government of Slovenia and Caritas Sl

smallholder farmers play a critical role to build resilient food systems

The World’s Food Day 75th anniversary celebration on 16th October 2020 coincides with the Global COVID-19 Pandemic caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS CoV 2).

Ruhangp phase out

Gimbuka is a USAID-funded project implemented by Caritas Rwanda, its main objectives in eleven districts between 2012-2020 was to improve the nutritional status, to strengthen the wellbeing of orphans and other vul

Gikuriro phase out

The Gikuriro program was a five-year Integrated Nutrition and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) activity funded by USAID Rwanda, from October 2016 to July 2020.

Internal Savings and Lending Group

The savings groups created and formed by Caritas Rwanda through the USAID funded Gimbuka program are now a source of income and the families of its members benefit from these results 

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