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Caritas Rwanda together with World Vision join forces for a new project

La Caritas « Un pilier de leur survie »

“Alleviating Poverty of Vulnerable Refugees and Host Community Members through Sustainable Livelihoods and Self-Reliance Following Graduation Approach” project funded by the US Government and implemented by World Vision (Lead) and Caritas Rwanda (Sub-grantee) who are the Poverty Alleviation Coalition (PAC) members in Rwanda, was launched.

It aims to build the resilience of 3,000 of the most vulnerable households among refugees and host communities by targeting Kiziba and Nyabiheke camps. Close collaboration with UNHCR and the Government of RWANDA will ensure that people are lifted out of humanitarian assistance and extreme poverty for the duration of the project.

During the project implementation, there will be a combination of consumption support, development of market-oriented skills for self- and wage employment, cash/asset transfer and access to savings, financial inclusion, social and legal services and mentoring among others.

The program will ensure that the target population basic needs are met throughout linkages to appropriate social protection mechanisms and provision of consumption support (cash grant, vouchers, staple food items or a combination).

Mr Straton KAMANZI the Kiziba camp manager emphasizing on this project impact, he said that people close to the camps must always be supported so that they too can be developed and recognize that the refugee camp is not a burden for them, but rather a solution.

In his remarks, Father Yves SEWADATA the deputy Secretary General of Caritas Rwanda appreciated Karongi district and Kiziba Camp management for the remarkable support along the implementation of UNHCR/Graduation Pilot a successful project, that shows improvements in lives of beneficiaries and called for a continued collaboration along the PRM/PAC project journey.

James KARANGWA, the Executive Secretary of Karongi District, on behalf of the mayor, thanked the US government for making the funds available and thanked the two implementing organizations, World Vision and Caritas Rwanda.  He promised support throughout the implementation of the project. He said that any contribution to the welfare of the population would always be welcome.

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