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Caritas Rwanda launches “Tube Aheza, Amazi Hafi” project in Karongi district

La Caritas « Un pilier de leur survie »

Tube Aheza, Amazi hafi a project co-financed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Slovenia was launched on 20th August 2021 by Caritas Rwanda and Karongi district. It’s a 29 months project which will be implemented in Mutuntu, Rugabano, Rwankuba and Gashari sectors. It aims to improve access and management of water and other natural resources for decent survival and good health to the most vulnerable families in the target sectors.

Tube Aheza, Amazi hafi project is implemented by Caritas Nyundo/Kibuye under coordination of Caritas Rwanda. Let’s recall that this project is an extension of Ngira Nkugire, an eco-friendly project successful implemented in Gashari and Mutuntu sectors between January 1st, 2018, and November 10th, 2020.

Tube Aheza, Amazi Hafi project will be implemented through beneficiaries-based approach and community led interventions. Beneficiaries based activities will mainly include grouping 1,450 direct beneficiaries in saving and lending groups: supporting the most vulnerable beneficiaries with small livestock and promotion of good WASH, nutrition, and agriculture practices at household levels. The community interventions will include the construction of hand washing stations at selected public places in light to prevent the transmission of COVID 19; the rehabilitation of damaged water supply systems & construction of new water points to support the community access regularly the clean water for a decent life and well-being.

In his remarks, Father TWAGIRAYEZU Jean Marie Vianney the Secretary General of Caritas Rwanda appreciated Karongi district for the remarkable support along the implementation of Ngira Nkugire project that led to tremendous achievements and improvements in lives of beneficiaries and called for a continued collaboration along the Tube Aheza, Amazi Hafi journey.

The Executive Secretary of Karongi district, on behalf of mayor acknowledged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Slovenia and Caritas Slovenia for availing the funds and both Caritas Rwanda and Caritas Nyundo/Kibuye for the effective implementation of Ngira Nkugire project. He promised support along implementation of Tube Aheza, Amazi Meza project which is well designed and aligned with Karongi district priorities in development and social welfare of citizens.

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