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Caritas Rwanda in Gender based violence fight

Caritas Rwanda in Gender based violence fight

USAID Gimbuka, a USAID-funded project implemented by Caritas Rwanda, under USAID-Caritas Rwanda Cooperative Agreement since 2012. The project is undergoing its third phase (2020-2022), covering RUBAVU, RUTSIRO, KARONGI, NYAMASHEKE and RUSIZI districts, with a particular focus on either OVC infected and affected by HIV/AIDS or victims of S/GBV.

Even if it is still in the process of identifying the beneficiaries with whom it will work in different components of the project, USAID/ Gimbuka has started to participate in government initiatives in collaboration with local authorities.

This December 2020, Caritas Rwanda / USAID Gimbuka in RUTSIRO, NYAMASHEKE and RUBAVU districts joined local authorities in a 16-day campaign against sexual violence. At the end of the campaigns, Caritas Rwanda took the opportunity to discuss the collaboration between itself and the institutions involved in the fight against gender-based violence and the care of its victims, such as RIB and the ISANGE ONE STOP CENTER in these districts.

Among the activities with which the USAID / Gimbuka project will implement in these areas, are anti gender-based violence activities, where it will raise awareness of the issue, help identify victims and link them with institutions that will help them, such as ISANGE ONE STOP CENTER.

The Rubavu district administration highlighted the most common problems related to violence, including the fact that some people still believe that gender-based violence is a situation in which a suitable solution can be found between families, which may lead to various illnesses on the victim who has not been treated in time.

Closeout of 16-day campaign against sexual violence
Closeout of 16-day campaign against sexual violence

It is expected that this will be resolved through the USAID / Gimbuka project, which will raise community awareness on the prevention and fight against sexual violence.

Father Yves SEWADATA, Deputy Secretary General of Caritas Rwanda, says the overall goal of Caritas is to help the needy community through its various projects. He also said that these vulnerable people not only face problems of poverty or disease, but also problems such as violence, but because of their lack of knowledge, they do not know how to cope, which is why the USAID / GIMBUKA project includes this anti-gender-based violence activities.

"We will work with the authorities to reach all those who need help, and Caritas is convinced that this will be possible through good collaboration with all partners," he said.

Partners expressed their commitment to support the implementation of USAID Gimbuka in these districts for outstanding achievements.

Closeout of 16-day campaign against sexual violence


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