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Caritas Kibungo helped them change their lives

La Caritas « Un pilier de leur survie »

Several young people in the diocese of Kibungo are grateful to Caritas Kibungo for helping them get off the streets and find work through the training they received from Caritas.

So far, Caritas Kibungo has trained a number of former street children in handicrafts and taught them how to save money in tontines.

Nduhura Yves Olivier, 25, says he lived on the street for a very long time because his family's poverty prevented him from continuing his education.

"I started feeding myself at a very young age because my family was very poor. I ended up living on the road. I was in a bad situation but later I met the people of Caritas Kibungo who put me among the others and trained me, now I am in an association with my friends, we work in construction and it brings us money.

Nsekanabo Emmanuel, 45, is married but found himself in a situation where he could not take care of his family. He had nowhere to live and he, his wife and two children were constantly on the road. He says that in 2019, he was helped by Caritas Kibungo who integrated him into the savings associations, and today he works in construction and earns a living for himself and his family.

Caritas Kibungo is currently supervising this group of 40 people who work in various manual trades, including construction, transportation of goods, and taxi-biking.

Sister Drocelle Dusabe, who is in charge of monitoring the association, says it is really helping its members because they are no longer on the street and, thanks to income-generating activities, they can save money and afford health insurance and other necessities.

Caritas Kibungo continues to support this association even though some of them leave to look for work elsewhere, which is not bad either since they have the basic training. After the training on manual labor, they all received a work suit (overalls) from Caritas Kibungo.



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