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Assistance to victims of the Nyiragongo volcano eruption continues

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The NYIRAGONGO volcano located 20 km north of Goma in DRC at the border with the city of Gisenyi in Rwanda in the Diocese of Nyundo is one of the volcanoes still active in the region.
On the evening of Saturday 22/5/2021, the eruption of Nyiragongo Volcano surprised the population of the region and forced more than 6,000 inhabitants of Goma to flee to Gisenyi.
Although the eruption was no longer ongoing, earthquakes following the eruption were intense and damaged homes and various infrastructure, including roads, schools, clinics, commercial buildings, in Goma and Gisenyi. This led to the relocation of Congolese refugees and the displacement of many people in Rubavu due to the destruction of their homes.
Caritas Nyundo / Gisenyi in collaboration with Caritas Rwanda also participated in the relief work for the victims, in collaboration with other charitable organizations and various government agencies.
Approximately 5694 people from four sectors (Rugero, Rubavu, Nyamyumba and Gisenyi) in Rubavu district are currently displaced. Of these, 359 will be permanently relocated because their place of residence is a high-risk zone. The Congolese refugee camp is now home to no more than 100 people who are also about to return home.
Father Jean Paul Rutakisha, director of Caritas Nyundo/Gisenyi, says Caritas, in partnership with Trocaire, Oxfam and FH (Food for the Hungry), is providing food to all these communities, both in the Congolese camp and the various displaced people in these four areas of Rubavu district.
Father Jean Paul says that it is difficult to reach these people in different areas to provide them with food and hygiene items meant to help them, but that they are doing so in collaboration with local authorities.
These communities are housed in different families nearby and others are housed in houses rented by the authorities. packages offered by Caritas include; blankets, mats, various cleaning utensils and food items consisting of rice, maize flour, beans and oil.
The Rubavu District authorities are grateful to the various organizations, including Caritas, that continue to assist them in caring for these communities and urge them to continue as their overall goal is to care for the community.

infrastructures destroyed


Different infrastructures were destroyed
Different infrastructures were destroyed 


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